The greatest obstacle we face is our own limiting beliefs,
awareness of your habitual actions will open up the possibilities.

Rajesh has studied the work of many brilliant minds. He has traveled to India, Nepal, Mexico and Columbia in this journey to learn about overcoming the challenges of life.

Rajesh has the ability to help others see their own disbelief and self-sabotage.  Why is that important? Most of the “failures” that a person experiences are because of their own thoughts and beliefs.  The problem is that it is not always easy to figure out what the thoughts are.

Most thoughts are so deeply ingrained in the person that they can not recognize it as a problem.  It is only when the problem is extracted and presented in a way that the person can actually start seeing the limitation they can become aware of the behavior that has been occurring that has been limiting them in their life. 

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Each session is anchored in our Universal Oneness and guided by deep intentions of Spirit. In partnership with you, I identify and interpret the tensions in the dynamics of your subtle energy systems, and support their transformation into lightness.


COVID-19 Update: All sessions are held via Zoom.

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